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CS-CAB-5EXT-AS-B-C6N - Cabinets

CS-CAB-5EXT-AS-B-C6N - Cabinets

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Maximize Productivity with our Cabinets

Assembled Version Of Extreme Cabinet 5 Shelf, Incls Cc6000, Iec Cables, Standard Shelves. With Power Distribution Unit (pdu) Key Barrell Lock ,2x Keys, Standard Shelves Iec Power For Standard Shelves

With our modular approach, cabinets can be configured to store, charge, update and monitor a mix of Zebra device types, from 5 to 100 devices per cabinet. Choose from standardized modular cabinets, racks, cradle locks and customized carts.

Seek ultimate efficiency and workflow optimization for workers in their warehouse, stores or fleet. Zebra Intelligent Cabinets ensure devices are charged and ready for workers when needed, while improving start and end day processes.

Take advantage of the Zebra Access Management Systemâ„¢ (software component) to remotely manage and control devices stored in Zebra Intelligent Cabinets. It consists of an application residing on the device, a CC6000 a management module and a web portal.

The Zebra Access Management System captures events such as date and time of a device being placed/removed from cradle, login success/failure and more—and reports associated information such as user and device IDs and battery level.

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