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CHG-TC7X-CLA1-01 - Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

CHG-TC7X-CLA1-01 - Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

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Maximize Productivity with our Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

Tc7X Auto Charging Cable Cup With Cigaratte Lighter Adapter. Snaps Onto The Bottom Of Tc7X, Allowing The Users To Charge Their Tc7X Via A Vehicles Cigarette Light Adapter.

Provides a smaller footprint forcharging TC7X in the vehicle via acigarette light adapter.

Can be used at same time as Snaponaccessories, including Pistol GripTrigger Handle.

Built to ensure the highest quality, reliability, and performance.

Works with Zebra's high-end performance products.

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