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KIT-TC2X-PRTCT-01 - Batteries

KIT-TC2X-PRTCT-01 - Batteries

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Maximize Productivity with our Batteries

Tc21/tc26 Protect Bundle, Includes Screen Protector, Soft Holster For Device With Standard Or Extended Battery, And (1) Standard Battery (>= 3300 Mah - Ww).

Now with more features, more power, and more versatility: a faster processor option (2.2 GHz) to maximize application performance. New accessories (boot and workstation cradle) increase durability (5ft drop) and expand use cases (mobile-driven workstation

Mobility DNA Professional integrated solutions are preloaded and pre-licensed, provided at no cost. To take advantage of the complete Mobility DNA offerings for the TC21/TC26, a Mobility DNA Enterprise license is required. Plus new software options and Mo

Optional Push-to-Talk (PTT) Express Mobility DNA software application for instant PTT walkie-talkie style calls inside the four walls

Extensive business-class accessory ecosystem including a removable/rechargeable standard battery for up to 10 hours of power or an extended battery for 14 hours of power

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