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MPACT-MED-100-LIC - Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

MPACT-MED-100-LIC - Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

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Maximize Productivity with our Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Annual Mpact Server License - Per Site/Location For 500 Beacons And/Or 500,000 Visits In 30 Days ( (If Using Server)

With all the location technology choices available, what's the best solution when you need simple, inexpensive, easy-to-deploy devices capable of tracking your assets to a small zone such as a room? Zebra Bluetooth Beacons use Bluetooth low-energy t

There are many different location technologies. Bluetooth is a proximity-based location technology that integrates easily with applications or server-based location solutions. It's a low-cost, active RFID technology that allows for extremely fast instal

The low power consumption of Bluetooth low energy technology is the catalyst for battery-powered devices that can be used to create innovative asset management, material replenishment, and yard management solutions. Be it manufacturing, transportation a

Zebra Bluetooth beacons are compatible with Zebra MotionWorks. Zebra MotionWorks location solutions give businesses the ability to use automated data collection to attain actionable insights and vital solutions from the location, state and sense data o

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